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Bryan Kautz

Bryan Kautz


Bryan Kautz, holds a BA in Microbiology from SIUC and a military background in electrical and mechanical repair as a power generator mechanic.

About Us

SciTech Lab Services is an Alabama State certified refrigeration contractor specializing in the sales and service of laboratory and medical equipment in the Birmingham area.

A Scitech History Lesson

Bryan had entered the scientific repair field in 2003 and incorporated SciTech Lab Services in 2011. SciTech strives to provide competitive pricing, excellent quality service work, and exceptional customer support and satisfaction. SciTech is a service-connected, vet-owned and operated business.


We aim to ensure you have the proper equipment and tools to manage your laboratory effectively.

Solution Experts

Advances in technology happen all the time. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with all the latest lab tech.

Efficiency Conscious

Replacing lab equipment that doesn’t work is costly. For efficiency, we aim to repair rather than replace!

We're Always Here

We can ensure you that we’ll be here when you need us. You lab operations are our top priority.

More Info:

SciTech Lab Services offers PM services and NIST calibrations on equipment for temperature, rpm, humidity, CO2 and time. Temperature mapping up to 8 channels also available. Please use our contact form to schedule a service call or a meeting!


Phone: 205.807.8423

SciTech is hard at work meeting the increased demand for new/refurbished/used UTL-80 degree Celsius Storage freezers in anticipation of the release of the Covid-19 vaccine! Please contact us for immediate in-stock availability of ULT (-80c) freezers.

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